Transform your business with Artificial Intelligence


At Acuilae, we provide Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Companies and Businesses.

Why Choose us?

Team Work

We are a team of people with more than 20 years of experience in the computer and new technologies sector. All this time we have learned that the most important thing is to have teams committed to the objectives set and with a vocation to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Work Methodology

We apply Agile and Scrum methodologies to all of our projects, this way we can afford to deliver quality products with defined costs and timescales. This system increases the satisfaction of our customers by making them more involved in the development and we are able to anticipate possible deviations.

Customer Orientated

Our greatest satisfaction is to meet the objectives of each of our customers and for this we put all our resources to work on it. We listen to the needs, we value the alternatives and we analyze every necessary point for the good development of the projects.

Some of Our Projects

Ethyka: AI Module

AI Module allows you to implement with simplicity in complex artificial intelligence systems a component with ethical and moral standards to optimize its operation, improve decisions and avoid corruption of the system.

Elder Virtual Assistant (Elderly Voice App)

Virtual voice assistant for senior citizens, designed to solve the loneliness that many of them feel and meet their needs. Elderly accompanies them on a daily basis being their best companion.

Data Analysis - Crowdfunding-

For one of our customers we analyze the data of Crowdfunding pages to optimize the launch of their product based on patterns of behavior, purchase and locations.